1794 – Ignaz Rösler founds a knife factory in Mikulášovice (Nixdorf) in the north of Bohemia, and so begins the long history of the company Rösler.

1811 – The company has 120 employees and is the monarchy’s largest cutlery factory.

Ignaz Rösler, Edler von Ehrenstahl

1815 – The company opens a sales office in Vienna, the capital of the empire.

1821 - Joseph Rösler takes over the company in Vienna and turns the branch into a retail centre. The new owner expands the companies endeavours and starts a wholesale business selling cutlery, wooden, porcelain and ceramic goods from England, Germany and France alongside their own goods.

1889 - The Viennese company is being sold and since then, as Ignaz Rösler`s successor, has been independent of the factory in Bohemia.

1908 – The Rösler company in Vienna is sold to Karl Bruckner and Stefan Decker. Thirty years later, the company starts to represent the famous knife factory in Solingen, E. Wüsthof – Dreizackwerk.

1941 – Following the death of its two partners, Friedrich Bruckner becomes the head of the company and thus a younger generation comes to the fore. In the early 1950s, the business becomes the distributor of a range of international companies headed by Victorinox

1961 – Just 18 years old, Gerhard Bruckner (the company’s youngest owner to this day) takes over the company. The company becomes the distributor of a range of prominent European brands and also starts specialising in importing and exporting goods, such as its own brands Rex and Royal, from the Far East. The company’s range of goods gradually changes and the wholesale manufacturer that once specialized in cutlery becomes a wholesaler of household and kitchen appliances and gifts. They decided to extend their range to garden and camping items exclusively representing Weber and Giostle Camping items (in 1977).

1977 – The company decides to expand the sales activities to garden and camping articles and takes over the general agency of Weber Grillern a Giostyle.

1991 – Following the political changes in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, the company moves back to the Czech Republic, where it expands and reaches several new markets. The branch was named RÖSLER Praha, spol. s r.o. and gradually becomes the distributor of prominent manufactures (Victorinox, Wüsthof, Gio Style, Sveico, Silampos, and many others).  The product range focuses on gifts, knives, household and kitchen equipment as well as barbecue items.

1998 – A new director and partner, Karel Gavlas, který vede firmu do současnosti. Díky prodeji mateřské firmy Rösler Wien se česká firma osamostatňuje. Rozšiřuje svůj okruh dodavatelů a výhradních zastoupení pro ČR i Slovensko, zároveň přebírá importy výrobků z Asie. Stěžejními kategoriemi zůstávají nože (Victorinox, Wüsthof, Böker), kuchyňské potřeby (Continenta, Cole&Mason, Kambukka, Tramontina, Weis, Orthex/Sveico, Pengo, Guzzini, Silampos, Risoli, Snips) a zahrada a grilování (Cookking, Cadac, Napoleon, Sol, Gio Style, Favorit, Peddy-Shield). Firma rozšiřuje svůj sortiment o cestovní potřeby, například kufry, cestovní tašky, batohy, nebo peněženky  (Victorinox, Kipling, Wenger, Bric’s).