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The swiss company Victorinox is the biggest knife manufacturer in Europe. Every day in Ibach they make up to 34,000 Swiss army knives, 38,000 other pocket utensils, and also 30,000 knives for domestic use or for performing various jobs. Victorinox is not just about pocket knives. It can also be proud of its high-quality luggage, kitchen knives and perfumes. Thanks to Swiss precision and quality, Victorinox has a supreme reputation in its field.

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The Böker company of Solingen, Germany, is famous across the world as the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of knives, blades and knife-handles. Its history dates back as far as 1869. It is the largest manufacturer of both sporting and tactical knives, as well as collector knives, in Europe. It is most popular for its production of fixed-blade knives used for hunting, sport, military and hobby purposes.

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CADAC was formed in 1948 in Johannesburg and over time it became one of the leading firms on the market for barbecuing products. It specializes in gas grills for preparing all types of food. It also manufactures a large amount of accessories, such as packaging for grills, grates and griddles or grill stones.

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Kambukka is a Belgian brand, whose designs help people stay hydrated while on the road. Their products include travel mugs, water bottles and bottles for children. Their patented products have clever features that make drinking a pleasant experience.  Each product is 100 percent watertight and the Snapclean® function makes them easy to clean. Kamabukka’s bottles support an active lifestyle and are equally user friendly for adults as for children.

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Giostyle represents a wide range of products designed for cooling and storage of food and drinks, especially while travelling, relaxing and spending time away from home. The products of this traditional Italian manufacturer with many years of experience stand out for their high-quality craftsmanship, functionality and modern design. They include coolboxes, cooling bags, ice packs and other outdoor accessories.