Garden - barbecue

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CADAC was formed in 1948 in Johannesburg and over time it became one of the leading firms on the market for barbecuing products. It specializes in gas grills for preparing all types of food. It also manufactures a large amount of accessories, such as packaging for grills, grates and griddles or grill stones.

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CookKing, that‘s almost thirty years of experience in manufacturing products for the home and garden. Customer favourites include portable fire bowls and kettles, there is also great interest in their firewood racks and high-quality accessories – grates or tripods. Their products can be found in such countries as Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and now even the Czech Republic. The products they offer are very high quality, made from only the best materials.

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Over the last thirty years, Napoleon’s products have gained a lot of fans all over the world. This firm from the land of the maple leaf specializes in grilling – gas grills, built-in grills, travel grills or tables with built-in fire grills, as well as charcoal grills. It obviously also offers BBQ utensils, griddles and other accessories. The company has won several world-renowned Vesta Awards for their products.

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The German company Peddy Shield focuses on products that protect against strong sun and wind, and protect the customers' privacy is their first priority. It offers shielding screens for patios, pergolas and sitting-out spaces as well as screens for balconies, various free-standing screens and other stretched constructions. Peddy Shield takes pride in affordability and the irreplaceable practicality of its patented solutions.